Pawprint pendant

10 euro korting!

handmade Pawprint pendant - solid Silver

Gratis verzenden!

handmade Pawprint, pure 14 kt. Gold

ex Shipping gms

Pawprint pendant -Reliëf

including loop to connect to your necklace
ex Shipping gms

PAWprint pendant- Reliëf

including oval loop to connect this pendant to your necklace

Ear Stud (2 pcs) 2D (quite flat)

handmade ear stud

drop earring pawprint

drop earring pawprint Reliëf

our Dog at your Bracelet !

Do you wear for example a Pandora or Trollbead bracelet?
and you like to connect a nice Silver or Golden dog at this bracelet?

fantasy Lock - Silver GoldPlated or Gold

fantasy Lock - Silver GoldPlated or Gold