memorial Pendant - to wear a Golden or Silver Dog with some remains- sollid Silver: 129,-

Urnhanger Hond !
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memorial Pendant - 3D Dog with Heartshape screw

to wear the memories of your dog close to your heart!

When you order this Memorial pendant (approx. size is 2,5 cm) we make a cavity /hole of around 1 cm. long,
wich will be sealed (waterproof!) by a heartshaped screw. We can place some ashes/remains of your passed away dog,

You can carefree swim or shower with this memorial pendant.

Because of the difference in weight of our Dog Breeds we have not a standard price in GOLD,
if you like you can email us for the price of your DogBreed  
you will recieve this estimation quickly.

With this memorial-pendant you will recieve a certificat and photo's of filling your pendant.